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Understand our Refund Policy

EMS Refund Policy

Most bookings made through our website go as planned and the service is delivered without requiring any cash backs of any sorts. However when things do not go exactly as planned, our refund policy ensures that our clients get either all or part of the money already paid in cashed back to them.
Clients may use our Refund Policy when:

  • They have a change of travel schedule
  • They cancel their trip

We work closely with our clients to quickly resolve issues that may call for a refund of this nature.

What’s covered
All Tour Packages and Airport Pickup Services listed on this website are covered by this refund policy

What’s not covered
Services provided by third parties that may be listed on this website or otherwise not listed such as hotel reservations, flight bookings and more.

When a client changes travel plan / schedule

  • A month before the service date attracts a 90% refund
  • Less than a month but more than a week before the service date attracts a 50% refund
  • Less than a week before service date attracts a 30% refund
  • Less than 3 days before service date attracts no refund

The reimbursement amount is returned to the client’s online wallet used during booking such as Payza, Paypal or any other additional payment gateway our website supports. Refunds to credit cards can only be made to the same card used during booking. Refund is effected in not more than 48 hours after claim discharge.

Fraudulent Claims
Fraudulent Claims may include the following;

  • Claims without a backing booking transaction record
  • Overrated claims

Users who file fraudulent claims risk losing their right to our refund policy cover for their current and future transactions.

Other Terms
In the event of circumstances beyond our control Entebbe Multiple Services Ltd reserve the right to cancel all services. Where payment has been made a refund will be issued with reference to the refund policy. If a car breaks down during the journey, an alternative will be provided with a practical time allowance.