"Trip Duration: 1 day"

Day 1:

The journey starts form Entebbe where you wake up early in the morning at your hotel where you will be picked from then embark on the jounry to Jinja. You will go through Kampala city the capital city of Uganda.

You will take Jinja road offering en-route beautiful scenery featuring undulating hills covered with lush green vegetation, sugarcane and tea plantations. Your first stop will be at Ssezibwa Falls to be fascinated by the beauty and history surrounding this important Buganda Kingdoms' treasured site.

The next stop will be in Mabira forest the largest forest in Uganda for a nature walk expecting to see monkeys, varieties of birds, butterflies and unique plants. It is truly an awesome experience for nature lovers.

After enjoying the beauty of Mabira forest ahs to offer you will be served both local and international meals in one of the finest restaurants in Jinja overlooking the Source of the Nile and enjoy the cool breeze from the waters of Lake Victoria and the Nile.

Relax and enjoy the peaceful quite ambience around the source of the Nile go gungee jumping, water rafting, take photographsat the source of the Nile and go for a boat ride on River Nile. Later, take a city tour to meet the locals and have a look at the old-style Indian city structures. Remember to get yourself a nice piece of one of the region's crafts as you head back to the City – Kampala.

Jinja Town Details

Jinja town is the second largest economy in Uganda and the 33rd in East Africa and is also a renowned tourism destination as it hosts a number of remarkable attractions such as the Owen Falls Dam, Kiira Falls, The Source of the Nile, among others. It is at Adrift World Class Adventures in Jinja that Bungee Jumping and white water rafting are done. Jinja lies in Eastern Uganda within the Kingdom of Busoga led by the Kyabazinga. The major languages spoken are English and Lusoga.

Jinja is a very historical town in Uganda and is most remembered for Indian settlement that happened during the construction of the Uganda Railway which saw many Indians become permanent settlers in the country. Indeed the architecture around this town is 90% Indian style.

The town lies next to the Lake Victoria shores and the source of the Nile River which traverses 10 countries to Egypt and into the Mediterranean Sea. This river is the longest in Africa. The first European explorer to discover the source of the Nile by name John Speke is remembered for his great discovery at this place and is studied about in the school curriculum.

A number of hotels and hangouts are available in this town and nightlife is an interesting experience. The town is generally safe and a nice place to stay when on safari to visit Jinja’s remarkable attractions. It is said however that the construction of the Owen Falls dam on the previously Rippon Falls submerged many rocks that were on the surface and there isn’t much information available to explain how the place looked before.

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